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Kimura from Turtle

Following on from his last technique video, Mauricio demonstrates a set up of the kimura from the turtle position. Th...

Armlock from Turtle

In this video, Mauricio demonstrates one of his favourite ways to set up the armlock from the turtle position. This i...

Technical Stand Up Drill

If you are thrown to the ground in a street fight, you need a way to get back to your feet with the least risk of bei...

Closed Guard Stack Pass Troubleshooting

The stack pass is a very effective way to pass the closed guard, but sometimes a few situations arise that can cause ...

Transitioning into Knee on Chest

Mauricio gives some advice on how to transition from side control to the knee on chest position safely without getti...

Standing Headlock Defence 2

Following on from the previous video, Mauricio shows another defence to the commonly encountered standing headlock. T...

Standing Headlock Defence 1

The standing headlock is a very commonly encountered self-defence scenario. Today Mauricio teaches a simple counter t...

Defence Against A Two-Handed Push

This week Mauricio teaches us how to defend against an opponent pushing you with both hands.

Defence Against A One-Handed Push

This week Mauricio teaches us how to defend against an opponent pushing you with one hand.

Single Underhook Stack Pass

Mauricio shows some details on one of his favourite guard passes. Done correctly, this is very hard to stop but if yo...

Elbow Push Side Control Escape

In today's technique, Mauricio teaches one of his favourite side control escapes. This one works well when your oppon...

Bear Hug Defence 5

This week Mauricio teaches us how to break the grip and escape when an opponent has you in a strong rear bear hug.  
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